WhatsApp news for iPhone is about to arrive

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Although we tend to see WhatsApp somewhat behind its competitors, and like it more or less, the truth is that the application developed by Meta (Facebook) does not stop introducing new features. And even if it’s only in drops, the popular messaging app is about to introduce a feature in its iOS and Android versions that will prevent those cold unanswered messages.

With a certain aroma of iMessage and Telegram

Although it had been known for weeks that it was being tested, WABetaInfo confirmed that reactions to messages are about to reach the application. In fact, they have attached screenshots of how they will look in the respective versions of iOS and Android. A small novelty that is not a panacea, but that adds one more function of interaction between users and that, as we said at the beginning, will allow many to avoid problems with messages that are left unseen.

View on iOS (left) and Android (right)

They are reactions such as a thumbs up, a heart, a face crying with joy, a gesture of surprise, one of sadness and that of the two palms together that is used both to beg and to thank or clap hands. These are reactions that are not a novelty in the sector either, since within Meta itself we can find apps such as Facebook Messenger that already incorporated it or, to a lesser extent, Instagram.

These features are also inspired by iMessage, Apple’s free messaging service that has integrated this type of reaction in its chats for years. More recently it was Telegram that incorporated it. So what WhatsApp will really do is join what already seems to be a trend in this type of service, although for the moment it has not been revealed when it will arrive officially.

They also promise an app for iPad

In the thread of WhatsApp and its availability in Apple environments, just a few days ago the head of WhatsApp, Will Cathcart, stated that “they would be delighted to bring WhatsApp to the iPad.” This is an eternal wish of Apple tablet users and, unfortunately, it always seems far from being fulfilled.

And it is that, despite the promises of its developers and even Mark Zuckerberg himself, the idea that WhatsApp is multiplatform is still far from materializing. Although it is not something new in this company, since something similar happens with the possibility of creating a complete version of Instagram for the iPad and without the current limitations it has.

whatsapp for ipad news

Another function that is expected as May water is that of power move whatsapp chats from android to ios in a simple and clear way. On the contrary, we can already find ourselves with facilities and although it was expected a few months ago that we would find the same in both directions, we are still waiting.

Therefore, it seems that WhatsApp will have to get its act together so as not to lose the lead when it comes to messaging applications, especially in territories like Europe where it continues to reign. And it is that the reputation of the app is not that it is going through good times either, but that is another story.