When does the new Pokémon series premiere on Netflix?

Pokemon: The Arceus Chronicles

It’s been a few months since Pokemon Legends: Arceus went on the market. The Pokémon Company gave us with that title a different vision of the world that we thought we knew perfectly well. The game based on medieval times narrated how humans and Pokémon came to respect each other and live in harmony. The video game would later be complemented by a miniseries, as well as the occasional Pokémon GO event. Over the next few days, we will also be able to see a special episode of the animated series that will take Ash and his friends back in time for an adventure in the Hisui region.

Ash and Brock will live adventures together again in a special episode of Pokémon

At the end of May, The Pokémon Company released Pokemon: Hisui’s Snow, a miniseries of three very short chapters that were published on YouTube. It was here that we were introduced to Alec, a boy studying to become a doctor who travels to Hisui in search of medicinal herbs. Shortly after, after arriving at Villa Jubileo, our protagonist experiences in first person the problems of space-time distortions that we saw in the video game.

The third and final episode ended very well, with a rather open ending. Obviously, The Pokémon Company used this little series as hook for future projects. And so it has been. After the good response from the public, Pokémon GO events were held. And, not to miss the opportunity, in a few days a special called Pokemon: The Arceus Chronicles.

What is Pokémon: The Arceus Chronicles?

It is a special episode in which Ash, Goh and Maya will travel to the past to experience the events of Hisui as well. Following the parallelism with the video game, Ash will receive a mysterious message from the very same Arceuswhich will ask you to go to Mount Corona in the Sinnoh region.

The protagonists will come to the call next to Brockand there they will find a most peculiar panorama, because the Galaxy Team will be there trying to stop Heatran in a raid in which it seems that they are trying to rescue Helio, their leader who is now totally missing.

To do this, the henchmen of Team Galaxia have made a portal that allows you to travel between different dimensions. The mythical Cintia, the champion of the region, will join the adventure. The objective of our heroes will be none other than to prevent the Sinnoh region from being destroyed.

When does this special chapter premiere?

The episode will come to Netflix the next friday september 23. However, the special will be broadcast in a few days at VGC 2022, that is, at the Pokémon World Championship to be held in London on August 19.

If the wait seems long, we recommend that you take a look at the miniseries Pokemon: Hisui’s Snow. His three short chapters will be the key to understanding how the story of Ash and his friends will be focused after the events that happen on Mount Corona. We leave you with the first chapter, which is not wasted.