When should I upgrade from Acrobat Standard to Pro for my PDFs?


Over the years there are several file formats that have been extended among all types of users. For example, if we focus on the office automation sector, PDFs have undoubtedly grown exponentially. Here we must take into account that in addition to Adobe Acrobat, we have many other programs to work with them.

In fact, this type of files in particular can be found in all kinds of usage environments. The main reason for all this is that they are used both in domestic and more professional jobs. We can use a PDF to create an invoice or an estimate, on official documents, for long-term documentation storage, to fill in forms, etc. As their use has spread, the programs that allow us to work with them digitally have grown.

With everything and with it, something we should know is that initially this PDF format was owned by Adobe, since it belonged to its developer. But some time later he released it so that any user company could make use of it. Precisely from there comes that one of the best known and used solutions for this is Adobe Acrobat. It is true that there are many other solutions from developers outside the firm who propose their own projects.

The difference with respect to Adobe’s proposal is that many of these projects are free, while the original application of the giant of the software is paid. But of course, in most cases the effectiveness and power of this program offers functions that we do not find in many others.

Which version of Adobe Acrobat am I interested in using?

At the same time, something that we must bear in mind is that We have a Standard version and a Pro version. by Acrobat. The differences between the two are significant, so on certain occasions we might ask ourselves which one we should use for our PDFs.

At this point we will tell you that everything will depend on the needs of each case. As you can imagine, the Pro version has more advanced features than the Standard version. Furthermore, the difference of monthly price for subscription to the program is not excessive.

That yes, Adobe Acrobat Pro, puts in our hands a series of features that we may never need, so opting for this would be a waste of money. To give us an idea of ​​what we are telling you, the most advanced version allows us to compare PDF versions to find differences. Also, we will have the possibility of convert any scanned file into an editable PDF, or delete personal information of these files.

acrobat interface

It is also worth noting that the Pro version allows us to adapt these office files to accessibility standards. Therefore, as you can see, many of these functions are especially useful in a business environment. This means that, in most cases, end users will have enough with the Standard version of Acrobat. On the contrary, many companies that regularly work with files in PDF format will require the specific features of the Pro version.