Where to drop to find the best weapons and gear in PUBG Mobile

It is essential to know and perceive all the maps and their areas appropriately, since this manner we are able to plan the best routes to transfer round, search for the websites which have the best assets and know the subsequent place of the storm circle, since anticipation is crucial. in this online game. Once we’ve got mastered this, it is going to be a lot simpler for us to attain the finish of the video games and we may have a greater probability of profitable them.

How do I determine every space of ​​the PUBG Mobile map

PUBG Mobile maps are fairly giant, so you possibly can drop into many areas to take the recreation. All of them have completely different assets that may profit us roughly, relying on the second and the state of affairs in which we find ourselves. Therefore, we should know the way to determine the factors of curiosity, that are indicated with a yellow silhouette. However, we are able to additionally find hidden areas that aren’t indicated on the map which have very attention-grabbing assets, though these are harder to determine.

On the different hand, as you already know the weapons and armor are distributed in a random on the map, however there are at all times areas the place you can be extra seemingly to find higher loot. However, not every little thing is so simple as it appears, since it’s going to even be in these areas the place we are going to find extra enemies. Therefore, we should search stability by falling into much less traveled areas the place we are able to find a loot respectable to progress in the recreation.

Tricks to land or fall in these which can be additional away

PUBG Mobile landing

As we stated, it is rather essential to determine in advance the space in which we’re going to land in order to get the best assets. But additionally it is essential to do it sooner than the remainder of the gamers, and to attain the locations which can be furthest from the aircraft earlier. The most essential factor is to grasp the motion whereas we fall, and that is achieved by enjoying many video games.

The velocity fall is an important issue, and we are able to modify it in alternative ways. If we determine to fall plummeting, it’s going to give us most pace, though you must know that when you change your resolution at the final minute, mobility will probably be diminished. We should do that in conditions the place we’re simply above the location. On the different hand, if we fall transferring we are able to transfer sooner to different areas of the map additional away, as if we determined to achieve this slowing down, however in this manner we are going to take for much longer to land and as a consequence we may have much less probability of getting loot.

Best useful resource areas in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds


Erangel PUBG Mobile

It is the first map that got here out in the online game, and additionally it is the hottest of all. It can be the largest and subsequently the place we are able to find the best assets. The best place to land is Sosnovka, a navy base the place you possibly can find sufficient weapons to attain the finish of the recreation. In addition, it has areas round it the place we are able to additionally get rifles and assault rifles. Pochinki It is one other excellent choice with objects, since it’s one among the largest cities and with the best state of affairs to fall, though you could bear in thoughts that you’ll find many enemies.


This map is good for carrying precision rifles, because it has very giant areas in which we are able to kill our enemies from lengthy distances. The best space on the map to land on is Military base, the place we are able to find the best weapons in the recreation, comparable to the AKM. In addition, stage Three equipment are additionally frequent to enhance weapons, so we are able to come out with excellent loot of this space. Los Leones is the subsequent location, the busiest metropolis on this island. Here we are going to meet many enemies in search of armor to survive so long as potential.


Sanhok PUBG Mobile

This map has many very attention-grabbing areas to drop, as they’re normally giant cities with giant quantities of assets. If we fall into Ruins, we are going to find high-level weapons, bullets and equipment of all types. It is kind of broad and has many important factors, so you’ll have to pay attention to your enemies. On the different hand, Bootcamp It can be an excellent choice, since we are able to find stage 2 equipment and consumables of all types, in addition to weapons comparable to the M24 or the M416.


It is the smallest map in the recreation, because it has an space of ​​2 × 2 kilometers in which 64 gamers can fall, making it choice for fast video games or if you need to stage up simply. Cave bunkers It is one among the best areas that may allow you to get the recreation going. You can find some nice loot when you entry their underground tunnels, though you have to be cautious of the C4 that adheres to the partitions. You can even fall into Bahr Sahir, a metropolis with many buildings the place you possibly can find giant quantities of armor and weapons. However, snipers will probably be stalking you from afar, as it’s a pretty open space.


Vikendi PUBG Mobile

Although it’s at present disabled, it’s one among the most well-known maps in the recreation. It is totally bathed in snow and has very attention-grabbing cities. The best place to fall is Castle, an enormous constructing that can be one among the most conflictive locations on the map. You can find loot and armor in no time, though you must look effectively for weapons in their largest buildings. Goroka It can be an ideal choice, positioned in the northwest space. It is full of weapons and equipment to kill any enemy, though additionally, you will be very uncovered to them. It is best to take submachine weapons for nice close-range battles.


Lastly, Livik is a 2 × 2 map in which solely 40 gamers can take part. Despite its small measurement, it has many areas to make the video games very dynamic. Midstein It is a superb space to drop down because it has many buildings the place you possibly can find the best tier 2 and 3 weapons and equipment in some circumstances. If you haven’t discovered sufficient cures or shields right here, you possibly can go to Thermal waters, an space the place you possibly can immerse your self and regain your well being rapidly.