Which fiber speed that we can hire is the fastest

With advances in companies, it is very easy to access faster fiber optics. Little by little they are displacing ADSL connections, except in those places where fiber has not yet reached. Most of the connections in homes and workplaces in Spain are fiber today, and every day more. But, what differences are there between an optical fiber and an ADSL connection in our home, for example?

The quick answer is going to be speed. While with an ADSL connection it can reach up to 30 Mb / s maximum, a fiber optic connection (symmetric or asymmetric), can reach up to 1 Gbps. That is, the speed is much higher with fiber than with ADSLIn addition to the stability of the connection, because with ADSL it depends on the distance of the connection with the telephone exchange from where it emits the signal.

But of course, not all optical fibers have the same speed, nor do all companies offer the same services, varying speed and prices, mainly. Therefore, we will review the fastest fiber speeds and which is the fastest we can hire in the current market, but we anticipate something: the fastest come from Vodafone, Adamo and Yoigo.


Vodafone’s symmetric fiber offers us 1Gbps speed, which amounts to the maximum speed offered in Spain. In addition to fiber, the rate includes a mobile rate with unlimited calls from landline to landline and a special series pack. What we have not explained to you is that, to offer such high speeds, companies only offer them in conjunction with packages like the one you can read; with telephone line and television pack.


It ranks as the second to offer the fastest speed, with a 1GB symmetric. It only operates in some communities in northern Spain such as Cantabria, Asturias, Castilla y León and Catalonia. Specifically, the rate is called Fiber Fast 1000Mb, and at the moment it only requires 12 months of permanence, in addition to the fact that registration, installation and router are free.

Optical fibre wires


Finally, Yoigo has another rate with the maximum speed of 1 Gbps. But be careful, it has 1 Gbps of download (which is really, what we will use the most if we are not streamers or upload content) and 300 Mbps upload speed, to upload content to the Internet, such as photos, videos … In addition, it includes unlimited calls from landline to landline.

What prices do they have?

Prices vary in each case, for example, in Vodafone your package is € 55.99, Adamo’s from € 36 per month, but without any extra service other than fiber optics, and in Yoigo the final price per month will be € 57, although it also includes the package that we have discussed. Now you only have to choose one of the packages and enjoy the maximum speed of 1 Gbps, the maximum in Spain at the moment!