Wholesale access to 5G on 700 MHz, the request of the CNMC rejected

Yesterday, Order ETD / 534/2021, of May 26, was printed in the BOE, approving the checklist of particular administrative clauses and technical prescriptions for the granting by public sale of concessions for personal use of the public radioelectric area in 700 MHz band and the corresponding public sale is named. As a outcome of this publication, the National Markets and Competition Commission, CNMC for its acronym, has gone out of its method to publish its report on the 700 MHz band public sale. Among the issues that haven’t favored, the lack of wholesale obligation to share 5G networks throughout the first years.

This publication lastly places a date on the anticipated public sale of the frequency spectrum of the 700 MHz band for the deployment of 5G. The public sale will start earlier than July 21, 2021, having printed the calendar that may happen for the submission of functions or for the coaching session. In whole, they’re auctioned the following frequency blocks:

  • Four statewide public concessions in the paired band 703-733 and 758-788 MHz for upstream and downstream communications in frequency division duplex (FDD) working mode, two that may every assign the use of a block of 2 × 10 MHz, and two that may every assign the use of a 2 × 5 MHz block.
  • Three statewide public concessions in the 738-753 MHz band, every of which is able to assign the use of a 5 MHz block for downstream communications solely (SDL).

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What does the CNMC take into consideration the public sale?

The CNMC’s feedback focus on three features. About him wholesale access, contemplate that:

“In order to promote larger competitors in the digital communications companies market, a wholesale access obligation ought to be imposed on the phrases indicated on operators which have a minimal of 2 × 30 MHz in the low bands.”

On protection obligation, which requires service to 100% of the inhabitants in 2025, the CNMC believes:

“Obligations must be consistent with public aid for the deployment of 5G networks and the extension of connectivity that are expected to be granted within the framework of the Plan for connectivity and digital infrastructures, as well as in the Strategy to promote technology 5G ”.

About him beginning worth from the 5G 700 MHz public sale:

“It is usually recommended to assess the downward revision of the proposed beginning costs, in step with the world price references of the relaxation of European nations”.

Despite all this, the Order Project is positively valued, though it’s thought of mandatory to embody the obligation to present a wholesale access service, even short-term.