Why do I get a vertical line on my mobile screen? Solutions to this problem

All kinds of problems can arise on our Android phone, affecting any of its components. A problem that some have possibly suffered, as you have already read in the title, is if I get a vertical line on the mobile screen and I don’t know how I can fix this. It is something very annoying, which undoubtedly prevents us from using our Android phone in a normal way, or in some cases it is impossible to use it.

Here are some possible reasons why I get a vertical line on the mobile screen, In addition to some solutions that we can try so that we can solve this annoying bug in Android. The most normal thing is that this is something that has a solution, but you never know exactly what you have to do, because there are several possible origins. Since both the hardware and the software can be the cause of this failure on your mobile.

That is why below we tried various solutions to this problem, depending on what is the source of this error on the phone. In this way it will be possible to apply a solution that works well and allows that line to disappear from the phone screen permanently.

Why do I get a vertical line on my mobile screen?

As we have mentioned, the reason why I get a vertical line on the mobile screen It is something that can have different origins. It could be that the mobile screen has broken or is breaking, therefore a hardware problem, but it cannot be ruled out that the origin of this error is something related to the device’s software. This is the reason why it is best to carry out various checks, which will allow us to get closer to the solution that will work and that will allow us to solve this problem.

the screen is broken

android broken screen

If this problem arises on the phone, the most normal thing is that the screen has broken. This is something that can be very common, because a fall or a bad blow to the screen of your phone is something that can cause the screen to break or such a problem arises with it that it does not work and a replacement is necessary. If after some blow or fall we see that different vertical or horizontal white stripes of more colors begin to appear, then we can assume that the screen has broken.

The safest thing is that you will also see that the screen has clear cracks in various parts, so we do not have to hesitate twice, in this case it is a clear hardware problem that generates this problem or failure. The screen of the phone has broken, so we need a replacement, as well as being urgently needed. The entire panel of the phone has to be replaced in this case.

This is something that many users can do themselves, if they know how to repair your phone. There are many tutorials of this type on YouTube, but if you do not have experience, it is best to go to the technical service of the brand or the store where you bought the phone. Let them be the ones to take care of this screen repair. Since then you will know that everything will be fine in this sense.

restart the phone

restart phone

As we have said before, it is possible that we are facing a software failure and not a hardware one. It may be one of the processes that are running on the phone that is causing this problem that this line appears on the screen. Faced with problems on AndroidAn obvious solution, but one that works fine almost every time, is to restart the phone. This might help you, it might get this bug fixed, so it’s something worth trying.

Hold down the phone’s power button, until you get a menu on the screen with several options. One of them is to restart, on which you have to press. The phone is going to restart in this case, something that will take a couple of minutes. When it has restarted we will be able to see if the screen is already displayed normally or not, if that line has disappeared or not. If this is the case, if it’s gone, then it might be a software thing, which is why we’ve put an end to this issue on Android.

Check for display issues

There may be a problem with the screen, but it is not that the screen has broken, as we said in the first section, because we have hit it. But it is possible that there is some element or area of ​​the touch panel that has stopped working, and has stopped responding and that is giving the phone operating problems. This is something we should check, if the touch panel is the cause of this annoying scratch on the screen.

Many Android phones have a hidden menu where can perform an analysis of the sensorsincluding the screen. So they will be able to see if there is something that does not work properly on this screen, such as areas of the panel that do not work or do not respond to the user’s touch, so it is a good option to take into account. Since it will allow you to find out if this is a problem that would be affecting the device.

What’s more, in the Play Store we also have applications with which to analyze the phone screen. These apps analyze the touch panel and allow us to perform various checks, so they let us see if everything works well on this panel. From being able to see if there is any area in which the panel does not respond, for example, or if the entire panel does not work. These apps are something we can turn to if our phone doesn’t have that hidden menu, or if we want a check from two different sources.

Factory reset phone

android factory restore

If the problem is software, a solution that will also work in this regard is to factory reset the phone. Making it return to its original state is something that allows us to solve all kinds of errors in Android. This will make this problem that has arisen now disappear as well, because the mobile will return to the state with which it left the factory. So it is something that we can use in this type of case, especially if nothing has worked.

before i do this we must make a backup of all the files of the phone. Since this action assumes that all the data on the phone will be deleted. Once that backup is made, we have all the files safe. Next we enter the Android settings and look for the restore option, which on some mobiles is in the System section. We are given several options and from them we then choose to restore the factory. We will be asked to confirm this action, in many cases by entering the mobile PIN.

The process itself will take a few minutes. in most cases it will complete after a little over five minutes. Once this is done, we can start the phone again, like the first time we used it. It is time to see if that line still appears on the screen or if it has stopped. If this scratch has disappeared, everything suggests that it was a software failure, but that seems to have been solved now that we have restored the phone. So you can use the phone normally again.

Other solutions

The aforementioned are the solutions that work best in this type of case, although they are not the only ones that we are going to be able to try if we have this problem on our android phone. There are some additional solutions that could also work, although they are usually not something that gives as good results or that can take a little longer to carry out, compared to what we have already shown. In any case, we tell you what they are in case there is one that you want to try also in your case. They are the following:

  • Press the screen, if it moves, it may not make contact and that is why that line will come out.
  • Check the connections.
  • Check that the error is not caused by some installed apps, if it has started to appear after you installed an app on your phone.

These are some solutions that could work and that could help this line that appears on the mobile screen to disappear permanently. Unfortunately, they are not going to give all users the desired results, but for many they are surely the solution that allows them to put an end to this annoying Android bug. Have they helped you?