Why does it show Forwarded? All the ways to forward messages on WhatsApp

forward whatsapp messages

WhatsApp displays the Forwarded label on messages you send us and that they have been forwarded from another chat within the app, which for many is a serious inconvenience and makes us consider how to forward messages that we are interested in showing to other people without the message appearing. “forwarded” tag.

If you want to know how to forward messages on WhatsApp without the other person or the group in which you publish knowing that you have forwarded them or recognizing if it is something of your own or not, we will tell you how can you do it without you having to violate the service policy or install external applications. It is much simpler than you imagine and you can do it as many times as you want.

How to forward messages

If you want forward a message, you will have to go to the chat where it appears and play pressing this continuously. We can continue selecting parts of the conversation. At the top of the page will appear an arrow which heads to the right. It is forwarding. We give and select the person or people to whom we are interested in showing what we want to share.

If the message is a photo, audio, link to a website, audio message, document or contact, we can see next to the message the forward arrow to do so easily without having to activate the icons at the top of the screen. Just hit it to send it to other people in seconds.

In whatsapp web, from the conversation itself we will see at the top of it, if we approach it, an arrow pointing down. If we give it, the option of Resend (we can select more if we want just by marking them) and then below we see the arrow with which we confirm the selection and we can send it to whoever we want.

forward whatsapp web

In all shapes, the forwarded label will appear, In addition to the fact that forwarding has limits to prevent false rumors from spreading, so we will tell you about other ways to share other people’s conversations without them knowing that you have forwarded them to the conversation.

What to consider

If you are thinking of forwarding the messages from other people In the instant messaging app, there are several things that you must take into account, among which two stand out. One is that the forward tag appears and why it is, and another is the forward limits, in case you find yourself doing this and suddenly realize it doesn’t allow you to select more people.

forwarding limits

One of the limitations of the WhatsApp option is that messages can be forwarded to a maximum of 5 chats at a time. If a message is forwarded in a chain to 5 or more chats, which means that it has been forwarded at least 5 times since it was sent by the original message, the double date icon will appear next to it and instead of Forwarded, Forwarded many will appear. times. If you see this message, you can only forward it to a maximum of one chat at a time.

This makes things more difficult for you if you want to share certain content with a lot of people, however, viral messages, fake news, or rumors are also largely avoided. If you want to send these messages to the people you want, you can use the forwarding option as many times as you want, but with the limits corresponding to each time.

Why the Forwarded tag?

If you have ever wondered why this label, WhatsApp has officially answered it. This is created to identify if they were your friends, family or contacts those who wrote the messages that have been sent to you or if someone else did. If it appears to you, you will know that this person is sharing with you something that they have seen in another conversation or in a group.

forwarded tag

However, if it does not appear, with this trick you will no longer know if it is a message shared from another site or that the other person has created. You can sense it, but WhatsApp will not notify you of it because you are not actually “forwarding” properly.

How to prevent this tag from appearing

There are several ways to avoid this tag, and they will depend on the type of content we want to share, so if you realize that the option to do it from one of them does not appear, you will surely find the other option. We tell you how to forward messages from text, photos, videos and other content without anyone else knowing you’ve done it.

in text messages

One of the first things you can do to remove this forwarding label is to send the message, photo, video or whatever you want directly. This means that you can copy the conversation Press hard on a part of the conversation and once it stays selected you can keep copying the rest until you finish).

When you’ve done it, you just have to hit copy (it appears at the top of the page) and then you can go to the conversation or conversations that interest you. You hit him. You press on the message bar holding and the option to paste. You give it and the message will be copied. If everything is fine, you just have to hit send like any other conversation of your own.

copy whatsapp messages

In whatsapp web you will be able to copy the contents as in any other service, so you will only have to select them and give copy on the right mouse or with Control + C. Then you will go to the conversation and you can hit paste with Control + V or with the right mouse hitting paste.

If this option does not appear, we may have included a conversation that can be copied with the share option that we will comment on later.

if we want send the message to multiple people while avoiding the inconvenience of going conversation by conversation, we can make a broadcast list. We go to the service menu, we give New Diffusion, we select the contacts and we paste the message. It is valid only for contacts and for those who have your number saved in their address book, but it can be an interesting solution in some cases.

in multimedia content

If what you want is to forward other types of content, such as funny photos, videos or some multimedia element, the way to do it is very similar. keep pressed the content until you have it selected. The menu will appear tools at the top of the page, next to the forward arrow. You give it, it is the icon of 3 points, and the option of to share. On iOS you will have to tap on the item to open it as you will have to enter the content to see the share option.

share whatasapp messages

You can do it by email, Telegram and other ways, but also by the same messaging app. You select WhatsApp and to whom you want to send it. Once you have done so and confirm, you will notice that the content has arrived as is, but without the forwarded label.

share whatsapp

In the same way that we can send this type of content without being noticed that we have copied it from another conversation, there is another way to do it, although not as practical if we want to send it to several people. We can go to the conversation itself, give the icon the camera and from there we look for the corresponding content. Once located, we give Send and it will be. In addition, we can activate the option so that you can meet only once if we wish.