Why in the middle of 2021 40 nm lithography chips are still being used

The 40 nm got here from the hand of TSMC in 2008, and 13 years later these chips are still being used. The 40nm lithography launched a 235% density enchancment over the earlier 65nm, bettering efficiency by 40%. However, as you may think about, these chips have ridiculous effectivity and efficiency in comparison with fashionable lithographs, so why are they still being used?

40nm chips are still vital immediately

Believe it or not, immediately they are still mass-manufactured and utilizing chips at 40 nm every day, and in truth they signify an important half of the business regardless of their introduction 13 years in the past and that your know-how has been vastly outdated. And it’s that regardless of the undeniable fact that once we discuss processors the nodes with the newest era lithography are all the time current, not every thing in electronics, computing and know-how in normal makes use of state-of-the-art chips.

40 nm TSMC nodes

However, though the 40nm is out of date and outdated, it’s still used in many units merely for the undeniable fact that it offers “sufficient” energy and effectivity for what is required, comparable to for audio chips, controllers. of disks, RAID controllers and plenty of different units that don’t actually need a lot efficiency or effectivity as a result of their consumption is already very low.

The 40nm course of is actually low-cost immediately and its manufacturing is quick, simple and tremendously environment friendly, and there’s no purpose to improve it to a decrease lithography, plain and easy, and that’s the reason it’s still used in so many units immediately And, in truth, the forecast is that this may proceed till the second comes when it stops being worthwhile or the efficiency and effectivity necessities change; in truth, there are some chips like SSD controllers that use extra superior compute nodes than this as these necessities have elevated over time.

Not all know-how advances equally

As you’ll already suppose after what we’ve got defined thus far, not all know-how advances equally and that is the case for 2 causes: first as a result of of the demand for efficiency and effectivity, which is clearly not the identical in a PC processor as in the controller. of a sound card for instance, and second as a result of funding in R&D shouldn’t be the identical in every kind of system; As you understand, producers like Intel, TSMC or Samsung put an virtually excessive emphasis on bettering their manufacturing nodes for the chips that we later have in our CPUs, however this isn’t the case in the chips that energy different units the place efficiency shouldn’t be so vital.

Realtek Audio Chip

Therefore, it’s all a query of how the business evolves and its wants. Obsolete litho chips will proceed to be used as a result of they are less expensive and quicker to supply and supply simply what is required in the units the place they are wanted, however know-how will proceed to slowly advance in different chips the place efficiency and effectivity, they are far more obligatory.

For energy, they may incorporate 10 and even 7 nm chips in a sound card, however that will unnecessarily improve its worth.