Why is it better to use a power strip than to connect the PC to the power outlet

Generally, once we discuss a desktop PC we aren’t referring solely to the PC field that homes all our {hardware}, however we’re speaking about the set of units that make up the total PC ecosystem and that features units reminiscent of the monitor or screens, audio system and even the router to have an Internet connection, all units which are subsequent to the tower and that additionally want to connect to the power, which is why usually all of us use a number of power strips.

Connecting the PC to the wall socket, does it have any benefit?

However, it is additionally not unusual that we now have two or much more wall sockets collectively, and there are a lot of customers who assume that it is better to use considered one of these sockets solely for the computer tower and the different, with a power strip, for all the pieces else. We have heard that this is better as a result of this manner overloads are averted on the strip and, nonetheless, as we’re going to let you know beneath, all that glitters is not gold.

Power strips

It is true that by connecting the PC instantly to the power outlet you may keep away from overloads on the power strips, and but this may be an atypical if not absurd state of affairs: even the least expensive and low-quality power strip helps up to 2,200 watts {of electrical} consumption, which signifies that for an overload to happen, you’ll have to connect units with a very excessive consumption, reminiscent of the fridge, the air-con or a vacuum cleaner (and even you then would hardly overload it until you linked all that to the time).

On the opposite, connecting the PC instantly to the wall socket also can have disadvantages and you aren’t placing any intermediate component between the PC and the electrical set up of your own home, which signifies that the power provide can have to assist the voltage fluctuations, present peaks and different issues inherent to electrical installations.

Nothing occurs due to that and particularly if the electrical set up is in good situation, but when as an alternative you place a safety strip in between (we’re now not speaking about the typical low cost white strips that all of us have, however a “good” strip ) It will now not be your valuable power provide that has to cope with electrical issues, however for that you should have exactly the power strip, which is able to act as a filter between the electrical set up and your PC.

Strip with fuse

Therefore and having mentioned that, connecting the PC instantly to the wall socket doesn’t provide you with any actual benefit (besides that, as we now have mentioned, plugs to the similar power strip as the PC) and actually it may be Counterproductive if we put it compared with utilizing a safety strip. Nothing occurs to do it, however after all utilizing a good power strip is a safer choice.

In reality, from HardZone we strongly advocate that you just defend your valuable PC utilizing both a safety strip or a UPS, one thing even better as a result of as well as to appearing as an electrical filter, it will enable you to maintain the tools on to carry out a managed shutdown if the power goes out.