Why is Stranger Things season 4 split into 2?

Season 4 of Stranger Things.

In just a couple of weeks we will finally have Netflix the second part of the fourth season of Stranger Things. The one that ends the last batch of episodes and that has a feature that will make it unique: it is, of everything that we have released as a series, the one that will have the longest episodes seen so far, with a final one that could exceed the full two and a half hours – crazy. It will also be special for another reason: it will make the series one of the few on the streaming platform to schedule its premiere in a very particular way – which is not unique. And it is that, between the launch of the first seven episodes and the last two there will have been little more than a month of difference. What caused this split in two? is it just to further increase the hype and conversation about the Show Or is there another compelling reason?

many more minutes

That being the case, if the fans of the series had right now to take a but to the fourth season of stranger things Almost unanimously everyone would say that the worst thing is Netflix’s idea of ​​dividing all the episodes of the same batch into two well-differentiated parts, something that very few times we had seen inside the platform in streaming although, if you want, we can give you an official explanation.

And it is that when even Stephen King has stayed from that, it is almost mandatory to go out to the media to explain what happened. And so have the Duffer brothers who have confessed that everything is due to a pure and simple matter of time: either they delayed the two remaining episodes until July to be able to edit them with care and that they remain as their creators wish, or all the fiction would have been delayed and would not have been released in the month of May.

Remember that both the penultimate and the last chapter of the fourth season will last an hour and a half and two and a half hours, respectively. That is to say, practically a tad more than four episodes of a normal season of stranger thingswhich usually touch 50-55 minutes each.

Do we believe that reason?

The same does not make sense to be distrustful because, as we have told you a little above, the truth is that we are a couple of weeks away from coming full circle, but it gives one to think that what the Duffer brothers said is really the real reason for delaying those two episodes. Why? Very easy.

This decision has been made in a scenario where Netflix has chosen to split the premiere of the latest very specific fiction seasons in half. Some of his biggest hits. One of the most notorious cases was that of The Money Heistwhat in his consignment of final chapters we had to settle for living it split in halfin two deliveries that arrived with practically the same time difference: the first landed on the platform in September and the second just started in December.

Another series to which the same thing has happened is Ozarkwho also decided to split his last and final season in half to reach us the last consignment in the month of April. So now with stranger things strategy is repeated. Isn’t it working better for them to keep certain subscribers active for two months instead of one?

Be that as it may, if we stick to the official version, remember that everything starts from the montage and the duration of the last two chapters.