Why you should always have a VPN activated on iPhone, iPad and Mac

VPNs are not a passing fad, but are here to stay thanks to all the benefits they offer. And it is that, beyond being able to access geo-blocked content and the like, tools such as NordVPN offer very interesting advantages to maintain a secure browsingbe it with iPhone, iPad, Mac or any other device.

Importance of using a VPN

Connecting to the internet through a VPN is doing it through a server located in another location so that for practical purposes it is as if you were located in that place. This brings many benefits at a functional level, but also in terms of security. If we also take into account how easy it is to configure a VPN on any device, we already have a reason to use them.

What are they for?

As we have already dropped before, there are advantages very interesting ways to use a VPN, such as having access to blocked content in your country and yet in other places it is accessible. A good example of this is found in the catalog of platforms such as Netflix, which varies depending on the territory.

Following this thread of exclusive content, this is also extended to certain applications or files that can only be downloaded if you browse from a certain country. With a VPN like the ones you offer NordVPN you can quickly connect to the server of that other country in a few seconds and without moving from where you are.

Another usefulness of using a VPN is to save money. Yes, as you read it. Some products and services are cheaper if they are contracted from other countries and some are as absurd as plane tickets from one place to another, which, being the same product, are cheaper if they are bought from another place.

Of course, at the level of security and privacy, it is much more practical to use a VPN. If you choose a good VPN app, you can ensure that the connection is secure and that not only your personal or browsing data will be kept safe, but you will also protect the device you are browsing from against possible malware.

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When to have it active

With reference to the last paragraph of the previous point, there are a series of situations in which it is advisable to have the VPN active. see when you connect to a public WiFi network, which can be dangerous because they are accessible by anyone and especially by cyber criminals. With tools like NordVPN You will be able to access that network with complete confidence that your data and browsing will be protected by the encryption that the VPN incorporates.

Another occasion in which the use of these connections is ideal is when you find yourself in a foreign country and want to access content from your country (or any other). If it is also a country with strict internet restrictions, there is a greater need to resort to a VPN, since normally you will not have access to much content.

If you do a online payment or you carry out any other type of economic transaction, you run a certain risk that they can intercept your data and thereby put your money at risk. Always using secondary debit or credit cards is a very good recommendation, but it is not always possible to have them and not even with those will you be safe. With a VPN you can avoid major problems and carry out the operation with peace of mind.

Other situations in which it is advisable to use the VPN is when enter websites without the “https” extension or if the page you are on won’t stop loading you popup windows with advertising or possible malware. also when you want bypass firewalls activation is advisable, in the same way that it will help you to avoid bandwidth limitations of the network to which you are connecting (ideal for video games that require large connection resources).

In short, using a VPN is always interesting when you want to enjoy private browsing and also opt for other advantages such as those mentioned in the previous section.

Should you ever turn it off?

First of all, you should know that nothing happens if you always have the VPN active. In fact, as we have already been saying, you will enjoy many advantages for it. However, there are two situations in which it may be convenient to deactivate it, even temporarily.

The first one is when you want save battery if where you are using it is on a mobile, tablet or laptop. It’s not that VPN connections consume excessively, but more than a regular Wi-Fi or data connection. If you are in a situation where you also have a low battery, you will want to disable the VPN until you can put the device to charge.

The other reason to disable the VPN is when you want to have a higher speed of connection. We previously mentioned that with a VPN bandwidth limitations are eliminated, but this does not always ensure a faster connection. Even apps like NordVPN, which is the fastest on the market, they will reduce the normal speed. Therefore, if you are not going to perform any compromising actions for security purposes, disabling the VPN can be useful.

What NordVPN can offer you

The application is available in the entire Apple environment (iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV), but if you combine the use of these devices with Android or Windows, you should know that it is also compatible. In fact, all of them offer identical functionalities.

nordvpn devices

Security made in North

Behind NordVPN is Nord Security, a company full of cyber security experts and that in addition to this tool they have been able to successfully develop other reputable security solutions for devices such as the iPhone and iPad. At first they stand out for being a company that champions privacy, attesting that not even they have access to users’ personal or browsing data.

They also offer private servers protected by encrypted very strict security regulations and that allow that during navigation it can be prevented from malware. Whether they are ransomware, DDoS or any other type of attack, NordVPN is one of the applications that provides the greatest reliability and security.

In fact, if we combine this tool with others like NordLocker or NordPass (cloud and password managers, respectively), we can find other interesting tools with which we can scan the network for password leaks and thus prevent our data from ending up in bad hands.

Other advantages of using NordVPN

Apart from providing security features such as those already mentioned and taking advantage of all the advantages that a VPN app offers, NordVPN It has these additional features and for which we believe that it is the best VPN manager in Apple environments:

  • 5,000+ servers hosted all over the world, being able to choose from practically any continent. They also stand out for having servers in Spain, so that you can browse without leaving our country and without giving up security advantages such as those we have mentioned.
  • Very intuitive interface so that it can be understood and managed from the first minute, without differences between devices and without this representing a loss of functions.

  • It is multiplatform As we have already been telling you, it will not matter if you change your operating system at any time, since the license is per account and not per device.
  • It is the fastest something that we have been able to verify many times in the first person and as several independent tests attest. And it is that NordVPN reduces the connection speed like all VPNs, but it is the one that does it to a lesser degree.
  • Offer affordable plans to users, adapting to the type of client (individual or company) and with some very interesting offers such as the ones they currently have.

NordVPN is now on sale

Already if, NordVPN It is one of the applications with the best value for money. However, right now you can get a subscription paying less. Of the plans they offer, currently the most interesting is the two-year plan which, if we count how much it would cost each month, represents a more than considerable saving compared to the price of the other plans and, of course, compared to the plan without offer.

  • 2-year plan: 3.29 euros per month (87.61 euros less per year)
  • Annual plan: 4.36 euros per month (74.76 euros less per year)
  • Monthly plan: 10.59 euros (no offer available)

Remember that you can download the application from the App Store in the case of iPhone and iPad, while on Mac you will have to do it from the web. The download itself is free in all cases, although if you want to be able to enjoy it you’ll need a subscription, which you can access from the NordVPN website.

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