Why you should visit COOLMOD physical store to buy

Physical store and COOLMOD warehouse

The rise of online stores from where to buy components and peripherals for our PC is increasing, however there are people who continue to prefer a more personal service that many sales platforms do not offer. This is not the case with COOLMOD and its physical store. Let’s see, therefore, more details about it and where it is.

Lately, we are seeing the flourishing of sales centers camouflaged as stores, places that do not have available inventory and are designed so that users less experienced with the use of the Internet can order what they need. The problem with these establishments is that we cannot buy the product and take it home as soon as we leave the store, but rather we will have to wait several days. This is not the case with COOLMOD who have a physical store in addition to their online store.

Where is the COOLMOD store located?

The answer to the question is simple, it is located where they have their warehouse and main facilities, specifically at the following address:

Business Center, Carrer de L’Històric Regne de Valéncia, Nave 2, in Almassora, province of Castellón.

So if you are lucky enough to live nearby or go there you can buy directly and take the products that they have in stock at that time.

Therefore, they do not have a network of physical stores that each have their merchandise stored, which for an online sales platform makes sense due to the problems that breaking it up among several different stores would cause. In addition, the fact of having a unified store and warehouse allows them to have the database updated at all times and there is no mismatch as to what is available and what is not at any given time.

Is it worth going there?

COOLMOD physical store

Of course, finding yourself in a small town in Castellón with just over 25,000 inhabitants, more than one will wonder if it’s worth visiting. Keep in mind that their shipments take between 5 to 10 days, so if you live not only in the same province, but in a nearby autonomous community and you are impatient to have the product, you can take the car and go look for a product. Of course, watch the cost of transport.

On the other hand, if you are looking to configure one of their COOLPCs and you do not trust the transport completely, and more so when we are talking about equipment worth thousands of euros, then the act of going to the physical store, ordering the parts and/or or the assembly to take it the same day can be more costly if you fear for the integrity of your computer in transport. That yes, it is necessary to clarify that the people of COOLMOD have been selling through the internet for years and have a quality treatment for the shipment of their products.

So in conclusion, if you are going to buy a low-cost component or peripheral and you live in a place far from Spain with respect to the COOLMOD physical store, then it does not pay to go there, it will be very expensive, but if you do What you are looking for is to go there to have a custom PC built for you and you do not want to wait to have it or you need it urgently, then it is worth the trip.