Will Marvel movies go back to being what they were after this resignation?

We have movement of chairs in Marvel Studios and the repercussions it could have are immense. It turns out that one of the studio’s senior officials has resigned from his position, thereby causing the helm to pass into new hands. This might not be so relevant if it weren’t because he was in charge of one of the areas that seems to be limping the most lately within the UCM: visual effects.

Passed scraping on the VFX

It has been discussed for a long time: the visual effects in the marvel movies They have been in the doldrums for a long time. We could say that we began to see it in a particularly prominent way in the series on the Disney+ platform, although at that time we thought it was a matter of budget cuts. However, lately series like moonknight or movies like Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania It has also shown deficiencies in that aspect, being a much more general criticism than one might think at first. Not too long ago we talked to you about it after the controversy over the CGI of Thor: Love and Thunderwithout going further.

And it is that you only have to search for “VFC Marvel disasters” on Google or YouTube to realize the innumerable scenes that exist in which something does not quite fit. visually, being especially clear that this has been much more frequent in the latest productions of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – when there should be more progress and better results.


The creatures of the town Ta Lo in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Ringsthe truck chase moonknight -uf, this is especially bad-, the digital characterization of the protagonist of She-Hulkthe portals of Spider-man: No way home, the third eye of Mr. Strange in The multiverse of madness Ohthat eye…-… I could go on for a while listing moments that have made us raise an eyebrow in the most recent Marvel releases, something that may soon stop happening after the important change of direction that has just taken place.

Victoria Alonso resigns from Marvel Studios

Until now President of Physical Production, Post Production, VFX and Animation at Marvel Studios, victoria alonso, has resigned from his position in the company, something that more than one is already celebrating. And it is that, after all, she was ultimately responsible for the results that were obtained in the films and these, as we have already made clear with some examples, were not being good.

Alonso has been part of the company since the early days of the MCU and he has seen the studio grow in the 17 years he has been working for the firm until seeing his product become the franchise with the greatest impact in film history.

Marvel superheroes.

To these dismal results must be added the protests of the artists themselves. Already in the middle of last year several VFX specialists came out confessing that work for Marvel it was terribly stressful and has very unrealistic deadlines. So much so that many were refusing to be hired by the studio, something that has undoubtedly also had a notable influence on how the jobs we have seen on the small and big screen have been completed.

It is a shame that a woman who has opted so much for diversity (it has been one of her great workhorses) in the Marvel films is fired, but without a doubt the MCU I needed a major change of direction seeing the results of the latest productions.

Do you remember any particular VFX scene that seemed like a real disaster to you?