Will the TouchBar return to MacBook Pros?

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With the arrival of the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro, one of the rumors that had been buzzing around one of the elements that, until then, most differentiated the Pro range of Apple laptops, the TouchBar, was confirmed. Its elimination became a reality, and since then many users who use and love this touch bar wonder if it will be in Apple’s plans to recover it for future generations. We talk about all of this in this post.

Why has Apple removed the TouchBar from MacBook Pros?

when Apple in the year 2016 introduced for the first time this element in the keyboard of the MacBook Pro, all users at first they hallucinated with how aesthetically good it was inside the laptops, while they wondered if it was really going to be as functional as Apple promised in the presentation. Well, the TouchBar, for all those who are not very clear about what it consists of, is it a touch bar which is located at the top of the keyboard and that Apple introduced to replace the typical and traditional function keys.

Apple’s goal with this TouchBar was to give users the ability to customize to your liking, and even depending on what application they were using at the time, their own row of function keys. The goal of the Cupertino company was that all users who used their MacBook Pro could be more productive thanks to the TouchBar, an element that clearly differentiated the MacBook Pro from other Apple laptops.

Nevertheless, the success of this TouchBar was not as expected by the Cupertino company, and a huge debate was generated between users who were able to take advantage of this touch bar, and those who preferred to have the traditional row of function keys on their keyboard again. In addition, we must also add the handicap that there were not many developers that they were really able to take full advantage of the possibilities that Apple gave with this touch bar, so the opportunity to get more out of it was still disappearing little by little.

To return to?

As we discussed at the beginning, a function that seemed to have more detractors than supporters, seems to be missing since Apple decided to remove it from the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros. When before everything was criticism and the desire for it to be eliminated, now the opposite is happening, and it seems that all the users who did use it and take advantage of it in their day to day life have woken up and they fervently ask for the return of this iconic touch bar.

MacBook Pro 14

However, the reality is that seems unlikely that in a short space of time, the Cupertino company is going to re-introduce this element in its laptops, especially when it was removed less than a year ago. In addition, surely in the event that it returns, the Cupertino company will find a way to make this touch bar capable of making the vast majority of users fall in love with it and, above all, that it be capable of providing that extra productivity that the Cupertino company was looking for for all its users.