Will there be a new version of the Magic Mouse?

Magic Mouse

The Magic Mouse is one of those Apple add-ons that you either love or hate. Its strong points are the great response to gestures with the Mac, but the ergonomics or the position of the charging port are points that make this device have retractors. However, some of the rumors have suggested that the design can be greatly changed, and in this post we will explain it to you.

One of Apple’s characteristics is that it is capable of making any element iconic, including this little mouse. But nevertheless, this characteristic design has its days numbered, as has been rumored after the different Apple events. It is possible that there will be substantial changes, but the operation would remain very similar.

This mouse is a great addition to your Mac as it has a trackpad-style tactile part that makes some of the functions and shortcuts much easier. However, the price, somewhat high for many, and its design, which is not very ergonomic, mean that it has retractors.

This would be the new generation

Although it seemed that there were going to be novelties in the operation of the Magic Mouse, at the moment these could only remain in appearance. For the first time, the Magic Mouse could be black, or at least the top. The lower part would remain metallic and with a silver color.

magic mouse keyboard

If we talk about other aspects of the mouse, it could be said that it maintains some of the flaws of previous models, such as the charging port, which is still at the bottom of the device. This means that it cannot be used while facing because the base is rendered useless. Among some of the design flaws that are expected to improve, several points stand out, among which are:

  • Firstly, the ergonomics. A Magic Mouse 3 must learn from the mistakes of its first design. And now that Jony Ive is no longer in the Apple Park ranks, we should see an approach to comfort over design.
  • The second, that the load does not prevent the use of the mouse itself. This could be fixed by placing the Lighting port on the front. Another option would be to provide the mouse with induction charging, since in this way it could be charged by putting it on any wireless base. Some people also ask for a mat that charges the mouse while you use it.
  • Lastly, also you could talk about extra buttons. But this is a somewhat more complicated terrain, since as is well known, the Cupertino company is characterized by simplicity and simplicity when using its products.

The rest of the characteristics, such as the materials, are unknown. Leaks usually appear shortly before the release of new iMacs, but you never know. Another factor to consider is the price. It is possible that the price of this device is more expensive than its predecessors, but we will have to wait a while to find out.