Will you need to emulate Flash in 2022 or should you forget it forever?

flash use

The popular Flash standard from the renowned Adobe firm is something that has been with us for many years. However, for various reasons, many of them or the most important related to security, it has ended up disappearing due to the rejection of a multitude of platforms and programs to continue using it.

In fact, it was the company itself from which some time ago it began to warn its users of the end of support for this standard. As many of you will already know in December of last year 2020 Flash officially ceased to exist. That does not mean that there are not several ways to continue using it on our computers, but with certain reluctance limitations.

Needless to say Adobe flash it has been quite an important element in the past in everything related to the internet world. But times advance and technology even more so, so this standard ended up being out of date until its disappearance. However, already in the last days of 2021 there are still users who miss the use of flash for certain platforms, applications or games, especially through the internet. That is why, if necessary, they use some tricks to continue using the standard from Adobe.

Solutions that emulate Flash Player to use now

At the moment we can use several resolutions and emulators that still serve us to reproduce this type of content without Flash Player. This is the case for example of CheerpX, one based on HTML5 that will help us in these tasks that we tell you. Say that it is also compatible with ActionScript Y Flex, in addition to providing us with almost complete compatibility with Adobe Flash scripts.

But that is not all we can find in this same sense. In the same way, we can choose to use Supernova Player. Here we find an extension that we install in the internet browser and that allows us to play Flash content even without support.

Is Flash worth continuing to use today?

This is a question that surely many will ask several months after the official disappearance of the adobe standard. It is true that there are still several contents available throughout the internet that Flash Player requires for its correct operation. Hence precisely the emulators or compatible elements that allow us to continue using this type of content.

However, to the answer of if it is still worth using these, it really is not our user in the vast majority of cases. In addition to being multimedia content of the past, many platforms can be exploited due to their vulnerabilities to attack our PC. To all this, we must add that, already with the 2021 Finally, other more secure, current and powerful standards, such as HTML5, are an excellent alternative to Flash. Hence the available content for these standards are more up-to-date and more secure than older Flash standards.

Therefore, from these lines we can recommend that you forget about flash forever unless its use is extremely important. Not only for taking advantage of technological advances and the latest news from Internet, but also by security.