Windows 11 development improvements: which Insider channel do I choose now?

windows insider question

As with most software-centric companies, they are looking to improve their products to deliver what they need to their customers. To achieve this goal, multiple tasks and operating modes can be carried out. One of the most successful for Microsoft and its Windows system is the insider program.

Both regular Windows users and the developer company itself benefit from it. This is a program that allows, on the one hand, the most impatient to test the latest functions developed by the firm, and it receives reports about detected errors and failures. This means that both parties win in some way. In addition, this is a program that Redmond has improved over time to meet the needs of its growing number of users.

In fact, we could say that a series of important changes are beginning to take place in the Insider program right now. As we have been able to know now, the Windows Insider Program It is growing ostensibly and the firm is preparing interesting news in 2022. Right now there are more people running the Preview builds of Windows 11 than those of Windows 10. Precisely for this reason, those of Redmond are going to focus more on the latest version of the operating system in this regard.

In the coming months they plan to translate different so that this project in Windows 11 is even better for their clients. All this will allow registered users to test these new concepts, features and services. At this point it is worth mentioning that one of the most important novelties will be seen in the dev channel.

Choose the Windows 11 Insider channel that interests you most

It could be said that this is the one that will receive the most support from Microsoft. It is worth noting that from now on the aforementioned Dev channel will host the latest experiments new features to try on Windows. With all this, what is intended is to measure the quality of the latest news and to know the opinion of users first-hand. Obviously all this could appear in future final versions of Windows.

Similarly, in some cases these experiments will never be launched or see the public light. Due to all this, the Dev channel will be the most suitable for those who want to see all those tests that Microsoft is carrying out for Windows. But it is important to know that the builds released on the Dev can change a lot over time or be removed in the final version of the system.

On the other hand, we find the beta channelin which the firm will offer us experiences that are closer to what will arrive in the final version of Windows. Due to all this, we could say that this will be more similar to what the Dev channel was until now. This means that this channel that we mentioned will be the right one for those Insider users who want to try the functions that will probably be implemented before anyone else. in the final version of the system.

But that’s not all, because if we opt to sign up for the Insider program we can also do it on the Channel Release Preview. It is worth mentioning that it is the most suitable for see first what is going to arrive soon to other users. Therefore, after knowing all this, we already have the possibility to choose the Insider channel that interests us the most.