With this refrigerator you will save up to €700 on your electricity bill

It is not a joke! With the AEG fridge-freezer that we bring today you will be able to up to €700 on your electricity bill. Because it is designed to bet on energy efficiency, and that is something that you will notice every month. Also, it has a 42% discount which you will also appreciate.

The refrigerator that we bring is AEGand is available in Worten. It is on this website where they indicate that their energy saving throughout its useful life is €717. To calculate this, they take a specific power as a base, which is something that can vary depending on your home.

What does not vary is the incredible discount that the device itself has right now. Because it can be yours with savings of €400. And it’s a high-end fridge! So keep reading and don’t miss anything, because you’re going to want to have it with you at all times.

The lowest priced refrigerator from AEG

One of the fundamental aspects when choosing a refrigerator is its ability, since this depends on whether you can store more or less food. In this case, we are talking about a total capacity of 324 liters. That is, it is suitable even for large families. Of these 324 liters, 230 correspond to the refrigerator itself while the remaining 94 correspond to the freezer.

Regarding the freezer, it should be noted that it is located at the bottom. Also has three drawers which will make it much easier to sort everything out. Also the refrigerator part has both drawers and shelves. If you like to have it all tidy and organized, it’s just what you need! As for his measures specific, these are 186 cm high, 59.5 cm wide and a depth of 65 cm.

Along with everything we have mentioned, it should be added that it has TwinTech Frost technology. In other words, you will never have to defrost the refrigerator. That will totally be a thing of the past! In addition, it has a double cooling system which is responsible for keeping food up to 60% more hydrated. It always has the perfect humidity! As if this were not enough, it also helps to generate two different humidity conditions, one for each compartment. And that will keep all food in optimal conditions.

With AEG Customflex system!

If there is one point that you are going to consider positive in this refrigerator, it is its customflex system. This will allow you to configure all the storage options however you want, since it will allow you to move and rearrange all the containers. All! And that will make your device practically personalized. In addition, like all good combi refrigerators, you will find it easy to access both the refrigerator section and the freezer itself.

Do you like everything you’ve read about this device? In that case, you should know that it is the ideal time to get hold of it. because instead of cost €949 as usual, right now you can find it in this link for only €549. It is a unique opportunity!