Worder: How to always win in Aworded

A game that has grown in recent times is Aworded, a title based on the board game Scrabble. Thanks to this, it is making a big dent in mobile devices, being available for at least two platforms, including iOS and Android, although it is not available in Huawei’s AppGallery.

Playing Aworded often, if you get stuck on a word, it is always best to have a little help from wanting to pass the round. The Worder page will be very useful to people who play, either regularly or occasionally to the title released by the developer Etermax.

The Worder website is joined by others on the Internet capable of giving us clues and advances, so consulting them will always be very useful. Worder usually gives the word or several alternatives, all with just putting some of the available letters or a word pattern.

Spoiled, what is it?

Aworded Game

Aworded is a digital video game similar to the board game Scrabble, was launched in October 2011 and has already surpassed 10 million downloads on Android. It is one of the popular games because it can be played with another known person thanks to the Internet, whether known or not.

Each letter has a different score, so the total score will vary, especially if you are able to do it well in a given time. It is ideal if you want to exercise your mind daily, of course it is good to play and find the keyword of wanting to win the game.

The Etermax game has been with all of us for more than 10 years, is usually updated frequently, adding words and corrections to the application. Apalabrados is recommended for everyone, there are many young and old who play this fun game together, but also separately thanks to being able to play it online.

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The best alternative to Aworded is the official Scrabble app, which in this case is Scrabble GO and is free for Android and iOS devices. The two are capable of coexisting, since they can naturally be installed on the same phone to play whenever you want.

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This is how Aworded works


The Aworded game puts once you start it a board of 15 squares by 15 squares. The player can put words vertically and horizontally, for this you have to respect the letters that are placed on the board, it is essential that you be fast and do not get stuck.

To place the chips marked by a color (the colors can be green, red or blue), the score will be expanded as follows:

  • TL: the letter in this box will triple your score
  • PT: the word multiplies the score by a total of three
  • PD: the word multiplies the score by two
  • DL: the letter of this box is multiplied by two

At first, each of the players will receive a total of seven tokens, the first player will have to place a word that passes through the box that is located in the center. Of not having chips to compose a word, the player will receive as many tokens until they can compose a word.

The fastest player will win, so try to be fast as well as cash if you want to win, but for this you need to have real words and not invented ones. Apalabrados gives a lot of play, so it can be infinite when it comes to the composition of words.



Worder is a popular page where you can search for words based on patterns, ideal for games such as Aworded, Scrabbe GO, The Hangman Game, Crossword Puzzles, among others. The web is also useful when it comes to composing poems, ideal if you want to make one from scratch with the help of words.

It is an important help within Aworded, although it is recommended to play in a neutral way and without any help to the Etermax game. Worder is not the only platform available, today there are many pages on the Internet that are of the same use in case you get stuck.

This is how Worder works


Worder page has up to two methods to handle itboth work. The first of them is using the letters that Aworded shows us, if you put them all it will form a word. Once entered, it will give you all the possible combinations with that set of letters.

The second method is to add multiple letters, but this time you have to enter asterisks, it doesn’t matter if the letters are sorted or not. A maximum of three asterisks can be added, the minimum is one and the maximum is a total of three, so that you get several words with those letters.

It is an ideal website if we want to know all the combinations of words at that moment, that’s why we use it when we are very stuck, since it is considered cheating. Worder is a page that was born to help in different games, including composing poetry at any time.

Using the word pattern


The Apalabrados game shows several letters on the board, with which you have to form words. Worder will help with patterns to build various words, if for example you give it two letters, it gives you one or several options, all of them usually work to complete it and move on to the next round.

  • MA-: typing the first two letters followed by a hyphen will give you a large list, from words with four letters to a maximum of eighteen
  • GIVES-: words range from two to eighteen letters, for example, has formed some such as «Daño», «Daba», «Dare», «Datos», «Dardos», «Datamos» and a hundred more words
  • FL-: with the two letters you get a good list of words, ranging from four to seventeen letters, among them some are «Flagelada», «Flamenco», «Flipado», «Flacas», «Flete» and a lot of words plus

Apalabrados.org, a great alternative to Worder

worded org

An interesting and reliable alternative that competes with Worder is Apalabrados.org. It has a website and an application, both work the same, so if you visit it you will be able to help yourself quickly, the same is true if you decide to install it on your mobile phone.

As it indicates, Apalabrados.org offers cheats to always win, yes, it quickly fills in with those words that it shows you as a result. Apalabrados.org asks you for the letters of the round, but it also asks for the pattern, to then hit search and find the solution in a few seconds.

The app is available on both Android and iOS, with some 10,000 downloads on the first platform, it’s not that it has many, but it works just like Worder. Aworded.org can be used if you get stuck with some letters, but it’s best to exercise your mind by yourself.

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