Worten reduces the price of this intelligent robot vacuum cleaner by 43%

NETBOT SX1800 PR Robot Vacuum Cleaner

It is undeniable that technology has helped us make some tasks easier, including housework for keep house clean. Precisely, today we are going to talk about one of these smart devices that will make your life easier: the smart robot vacuum cleaner NETBOT SX1800 PR. Also now Worten has reduced it by 43%!

If you are one of those who feels a amazing sloth every time you think about what you have to clean the house to receive a visit, or that you have little free time To think about spending time sweeping your apartment and dusting when you could be watching a movie or having a drink with your friends, then this cleaning robot can be your best solution.

Do not let housework enslave you and take advantage of the technological advances of recent years. Also, thanks to the Worten offersnow you can get this robot vacuum from NETBOT, the SX1800 PR, with a 43% discount.

But before you make a decision, let’s see what this NETBOT can offer you and if it really it is better than other models which you may have already seen. Let’s break it down!

This is the NETBOT intelligent robot vacuum cleaner

First of all, we need to talk about your gyroscopic technology. This allows you to draw an accurate and well-defined cleaning map to be more efficient in your routes and to be able to save both time and energy in the process.

Now also, through his WiFi connectionyou may manage and control it from your own smartphone or even using the intelligent assistants of Google Home and Alexa. This will allow you to configure it at any time of the day and from almost anywhere so that when you get home from work, the house is already totally clean.

The next point to highlight are both its 11 anti-collision sensors Like the 3 anti-fall that you have, that allow you overcome obstacles such as carpets, rugs and various objects up to 1.8 cm in height. It is also prepared to work on high contrast surfaces, these being the most complicated for many models of cleaning robots.

Finally, it is important to mention that this little roommate not only sweeps and vacuums, but will also help you purify the air. Thanks to its double primary filter +HEPA, it is capable of eliminating up to 99% from pollen, mites and dust in the air.

The Topes de Gama verdict

Here at Topes de Gama we are faithful believers that technology has come into our lives to make it easier for us. Either with a better internet connection to communicate faster with other people or to avoid doing certain tasks such as sweep the house.

In this case, talking about this NETBOT robot vacuum cleaner, we consider it a very good product that right now has an incredible price. If you are one of those who is lazy to start cleaning or has little time to do it, one of these can be your best ally.

ohEnter here and get this cleaning robot today with a 43% discount!