Worten renews your home: discounts on appliances and 4K TV

shopping worten discounts

With offers like the ones that Worten brings from time to time, it is very easy to always have the small appliances that you always wanted to have. And even with that 50-inch 4K TV you wanted to put in your living room!

Worten has launched some succulent discounts of up to 25% on selected products. It’s a chance only for those people who were waiting for the perfect moment to renew kitchen appliances, whether small or large. Or the televisions!

4 products to take advantage of Worten discounts

These amazing Discounts will be short-lived on the Worten website, so if you need a new fridge, washing machine or television, read on! We have selected some of the most interesting offers, but you should know that on the web you will find many more .

The cheapest Samsung 4K TV on the market

We started strong with this TV from Samsung! It has an incredible 50-inch LED screen, with a resolution 4K Ultra HD that will blow your mind. Your way of watching movies and series will change completely thanks to this television, and you will want to spend all day glued to it.

Count with one powerful Crystal UHD processor which will make even low resolution images look 4K. You can do this using 16-bit color mapping, with which the quality will be virtually unbeatable. To this we must add that it has HDR so that the expression of the brightness of your television is very powerful.

If you are one of those who use the console to play on your TV, you will love this Samsung. It has a game mode that reduces the lag time of your games and allows you to reach the optimal gaming speed. Although the most impressive thing is that it is only €389.99.

Bosch fridge freezer

If what you need is a new refrigerator, Bosch It is one of the brands you should trust. In addition, this particular model will meet absolutely all your expectations. He is 186 centimeters tall, has an incredible ability of 326 liters and is no frost.

The aesthetic design is metallic, thus providing a touch of modernity to all kitchens. Despite everything, it has a anti-fingerprint finish so that you can clean it comfortably and not have any kind of problem in this regard.

Worten discounts this incredible 8 kg Balay washing machine

We continue within the field of household appliances, but this time to talk about this balay washing machine of 8 kg with which you will always keep your garments in the best conditions.

balay washing machine

The washing machine’s motor is extra quiet, allowing you to turn it on at any time without bothering you or your neighbours. In addition, it has a function of pause + load ideal for those garments that remain to be introduced. And it even has an imbalance control! In the event that the clothes are not distributed well, the washing machine will take care of correcting it thanks to its 3G sensing.

Xiaomi’s scale drops 33%

Finally, we bring a small accessory that comes in handy in any home: the Xiaomi scale capable of measuring your body composition. Whether you’re on the hunt for your best fitness or need to weigh your dog, it’s perfect! Especially for its low price: right now it costs €19.99.

You can connect it to the mobile application to keep a record of all the changes that are happening in your weight, or in that of the person who uses it. In this way, you will always know where you are.