Worten throws the house out the window: this QLED TV drops more than €400

Samsung QLED TV in Worten

The televisions of samsung high end They are among the most sought after. The brand has managed to make a name for itself in the market thanks to the quality of their screens, as well as the cutting-edge technology that hides behind them. But the truth is that they are not usually very affordable, unless you find offers like these! This Samsung QLED TV launched this year, has already dropped more than €400.

We are not talking about just any television, but one with features that will leave you speechless. Because it will be almost like having a cinema in your house. And not because of the size itself, since it falls within what we could consider standard, but because of the benefits.

It has everything you can imagine a high-end TV should have. As for the operating systemhas Tizen inside, like all Samsung televisions. This is fully compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, so don’t worry about compatibility if you’re home automation.

A high-end QLED TV at a low price

Let’s start at the beginning! We are in front of a television 50 inches with a QLED screen and 4K Ultra HD resolution. In other words, there will be nothing more you can ask of him, since he practically has everything. To this we must add that it is compatible with Quantum HDR 1000offering details that will leave you speechless.

It is part of the Samsung’s new range of televisions that has a back lighting special. This is responsible for analyzing all the scenes one by one, giving it more brightness, contrast and depth. Thanks to this, what is achieved is a highly detailed image, even in very dark or very light scenes.

Not only is the image quality amazing, but so is the sound. It has an immersive and multidirectional sound, created by a combination of speakers that will make you feel part of the soundtrack.

The top television of the moment is heavily discounted

If you are one of those who uses television a lot to play, with this you will be able to do it in a totally different way. No blurring or latencies, because it has a processor in charge of improving frames and optimizing all moving scenes. That will make everything on your screen move fluidly, even if it’s at breakneck speed.

Of course you can download All applications what you want The best known are included: Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney… And there are many others that you can discover little by little!

Let yourself be surprised by this incredible QLED TV, because you will not find it again at this price. Normally, it is around €1199. More thanks to the discount 37% that he has right now in Worten, you will be able to get it for only €752. It’s the perfect occasion, so don’t miss it!