Xiaomi does it again: this is the smartwatch of your dreams

xiaomi mi watch smart watch

Xiaomi has the solution for all those who are looking for a smart watch powerful, with a lot of autonomy and a good screen. Their My Watch has become one of the most interesting options on the market and, as always, at a amazing price. Especially if you take advantage of the offer What’s on Amazon right now!

If you are one of those who does not feel comfortable spending a real fortune on a smart watch, but wants to get a high-performance model…Xiaomi it is what you are looking for! The firm has been characterized, from the outset, by offering mid-high range devices at prices that other brands would never dare.

In this case, the watch that brings us here is this Mi Watch, an all-terrain vehicle that will accompany you both in your day-to-day life and in your sports routine. If it is already cheap, thanks to the 23% discount that you have on Amazon is even more so.

A watch with an AMOLED screen and more than 100 exercises

But why is this watch so interesting? Let’s start at the beginning, with what we could consider the heart of any smartwatch: its screen. This has 1.39 inches, is AMOLED and has a resolution of 326 dpi. Not only will you be able to see the time clearly in full sunlight, but also all the notifications that appear on it. In addition, it has the option Always on Displaythus allowing you to use your smart watch as if it were a traditional one.

Do you want to use it to make sport? There will be no problem that you can put in that sense, since it has everything. In addition to keeping your pulse monitored and storing the activity you do, it will also be responsible for recording the quality of your sleep.

To play sports, you can choose between 100 training modes expanded and 17 pro-level modes. That is, a total of 117 modes that you can enjoy whenever you want. In addition, they will give you the calories burned, the heart rate, the strengths at all times… It is a high-end smartwatch hidden at a very competitive price!

Xiaomi Mi Watch: with 9 days of autonomy!

Beyond what we have indicated, it will also allow you to keep abreast of all your notifications whenever you want. Messages, calls and emails, everything will come directly to your wrist. So it can not only accompany you to play sports, but also in your daily routine or even to work.

The drums It is one of its strengths, despite the fact that it is usually one of the weak points of most smartwatches. In this case, Xiaomi has managed to ensure that its watch has an autonomy of up to 9 days. Of course, it will also depend on the actual use you make of the smartwatch.

Finally, we have to talk about the issue of personalization, so important for many users. You will have access to more than 100 different spheres, and you can even customize them and make them completely yours. The strap you can also change it whenever you want, allowing you to completely change the appearance of the clock.

It is already a very cheap watch, since it is usually around €130. But now, thanks to Amazon’s offer, the Xiaomi Mi Watch can be yours for €99.99.