Xiaomi wants to help you save water with its new washing machine

Xiaomi MIJIA Pulsator Drum Launch

Xiaomi is known for being a Chinese firm with a catalog that covers all kinds of imaginable products. Although we began to know it through its smartphones, currently, it is capable of covering almost all fields of electronics, computing, and even household appliances for our kitchen. Now it has unveiled its new smart washing machine with energy and water saving features.

Specifically, it is the new MIJIA Pulsatorwhich has already been presented in China, and arrives as a new equipment for our home with interesting news related to savings, since it is responsible for automatically adjusting the amount of water that needs to be used for each wash.

Economic washing machine from Xiaomi that allows you to save

It is a washing machine that has a 10kg capacity and with top load. This makes it ideal both for large families and for rooms with reduced space. According to the firm, it is capable of washing up to 45 shirts or 4 sets of beds or four curtains per cycle. It is also capable of intelligently weigh fabricsas well as the total amount. Accordingly, it is in charge of adjust the water you need automatically to promote savings and efficient consumption.

It also incorporates 10 special wash modes including a 15-minute quick wash cycle and eight water levels that we can adjust from its integrated control panel. This will allow us to wash a large amount of clothes made of different types of materials. It has a five-blade cyclonic button that allows better agitation of the water, achieving a 360 degree three-dimensional scrubbing. This makes it especially effective in removing the most difficult stains of our clothes to obtain a deeper cleaning.

Another of its most important characteristics is found in its self-cleaning mode. Once running, both its inner and outer cylinders are cleaned with a high-velocity flow of water. While its drying mode is responsible for eliminating the residual humidity that remains on the wall of the drying tube, thus avoiding the possible growth of mold and bacteria.

MIJIA Pulsator drum

It is also worth mentioning that it has programming function, so that we can prepare the start of future washes up to 24 hours in advance. It will not be necessary to be at home and do it manually, we simply select the desired time when we want the cleaning to start.

Price and availability of the new Xiaomi washing machine

As we have commented, Xiaomi has presented its new MIJIA Pulsator washing machine in Chinaa country where it will begin to be sold immediately at a price of 899 yuan, which in exchange is about 125 euro. A more than low figure in Spain.

for now it is unknown if its marketing will expand beyond Asia and if therefore it will officially arrive in Spain. In case of doing so, surely it will be for an amount significantly higher than the price in China. We will be attentive to inform you when there is news about it.