You can buy the iPhone cleaning product they use at Apple

iphone cleaning

Be more or less maniacal with it, surely you do not like to see the screen of your iPhone, iPad and / or Mac dirty. And it is that, especially in these first two cases, it is common to find traces as they are touch devices. That is why we want to tell you which is the most recommended product or at least the one that Apple recommends the most, since they use them themselves.

How is it and where can it be bought?

It’s about a pack called Whoosh! and that basically consists of a spray bottle and a microfiber cloth. It is not that it is very special or revolutionary, but neither is it just another liquid, since it is made up of 100% natural components.

In fact, it stands out positively for do not contain alcohol or ammoniathat, despite the fact that they can be efficient in cleaning in the short term, they end up being harmful to components as sensitive as those of the screens. And when it comes to the cloth, it stands out for being soft, not shed lint and thus keep the screen protected from scratches.

The product itself is not cheap either, since the 8-milliliter cloth + liquid version is sold for almost 9 euros. However, we did find a good price for the 108-milliliter bottle made up of two bottles of 100 and 8 bottles, respectively, and accompanied by 2 microfiber cloths. If we take into account that can last even yearsThe price doesn’t seem that high.

The way to apply it It also makes it last longer, since it is enough to spray the cloth twice and pass it over the screen of the iPhone or iPad to leave it clean. Then, with the other remaining cloth, a drying of the surface of the screen must be applied (hence that second cloth must always be kept dry).

We do not know if it is sold in any store, but today the easiest and fastest way to buy it is in amazonwhere you will find different packs like the ones we have described.

They use it in the Apple Store

Apple does not sell this product to its customers directly, but in the end it does apply it to them. And it is that they are used both to clean the products on display in their stores and to clean those that are in the technical service. We do not know if it is in absolutely all the stores of the brand, but we can attest that in Spain at least they do use it in many.

cleaning apple products

Although it is evident that also works for other devices that are not from Apple. In fact, they can be very useful for cleaning televisions and other elements. Because, in addition to screens, it also serves to clean the frames or chassis of the devices. Of course, always with caution not to pour the liquid directly on them and prevent it from entering through the ports and connectors.

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